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Since 2005, The Gear 316 Incorporated a collaborative network of nationwide information technology providers and distributors, merging products and services to provide businesses a wide array of IT support Outsourcing, security, communication, and green energy solutions. We have international partners providing a global mix of products and services that let us expand beyond local boundaries and service wider markets globally. We carry a very comprehensive portfolio to meet your IT, security, and communication needs.

We have the combined experience and expertise in the field to assist you not only in reaching your short-term goals but also provide you with a system that would be in touch with your organization’s requirements today and in the coming years to come.

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The IT/FOC Technical Support is primarily responsible for on-site installation, termination and trouble-shooting, online network monitoring and management of indoor Internet fiber optic cable network.  He must also perform installation and maintenance of modems, routers, switches, and other auxiliary equipment. He will also conduct maintenance and repair network, examines lines, locate line fault, repair modems and uses electrical tools to test for damage. He can perform other operation related duties as assigned.


✔️ Computer literate

✔️ College graduate related in Computer/IT/Communication courses

✔️ Knowledge on Fiber Optic Network management and maintenance

✔️ Knowledge on modems (ONU), routers and other technical auxiliary equipment.

✔️ Single MALE at least 23-35 years old

✔️ With good communication skills

✔️ with at least 6 months to 1year work experience.


Please send your resume and application at or call 0967-2882744/02-86564115 for more information

You can also fill-in your credentials on the following blocks below and we will call you back.

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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Unit 307, 3rd floor, FBM II Building, Marcos Highway, Bagong Nayon, Cogeo Antipolo City



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